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Minimising water use in your garden:

Minimising water consumption in the garden is a key consideration when designing landscapes today. I minimise the amount of water required by a garden in the following ways:

  • Selecting drought tolerant plants that suit the style of garden
  • Implementing efficient irrigation strategies (often a combination of approaches)
  • Increasing the water holding capacity of the soil by:
    • Adding organic matter
    • Adding water holding crystals
  • Improving water penetration into the soil
  • Reducing evaporative water loss from the soil (through effective mulching)
  • Recommending drought tolerant lawns or synthetic turf
  • Recommending a garden maintenance program to:
    • Maintain the water holding capacity of the soil
    • Ensure ongoing water penetration into the soil
    • Replenish the mulch
    • Adjust the watering times as plants mature
    • Maintain the irrigation technology.

The Landscape Specifications document accompanying the Landscape Plans addresses these points in detail to ensure that these water saving measures can be implemented in your garden at the time of construction.